Survey Results

So after creating the comic I got 20 different people to read the comics and take the following survey:

Response Summary
Total Completed Survey: 20 (100%)

Please go to the following site and read my comics:
I read the comic! 100.0% 19

Did you find the first comic offensive?
answered question 20
Yes 0.0% 0
No 85.0% 17
Maybe 15.0% 3

Are you concerned that we are going to die from overpopulation?
answered question 20
Yes 10.0% 2
No 35.0% 7
Not in my lifetime 55.0% 11

Do you think you are going to die from cantelope?
answered question 20
Yes, this or something similiar like mad cow diease could kill us 5.0% 1
No 90.0% 18
I dont like canteloupe 10.0% 2

Do you believe in the zombie apolcalypse?
answered question 19
Yes 5.3% 1
No 94.7% 18

Do you find the last comic offensive?
answered question 20
Yes 0.0% 0
NO 100.0% 20

Do you think McDonalds can kill you?
answered question 20
Yes 80.0% 16
No 20.0% 4

What was your overall opinion of my comic strip? You can be honest
answered question 17

  •  I think you brought up some real life issues, but the zombie one was irrelevant since zombies are not actually real but it was comical! I like your last strip with McDonalds because fast food chains are aiding in the creating of obese people in the United States and that kind of food is processed and very unhealthy. Overall, they are very creative and funny! Good job! =D
  • They were really good.
  • It was very funny and creative
  • The first one was hilarious, but the last one left me confused since I did not understand it as much. Of course they were well drawn and everything, since you are an amazing artist
  • I enjoyed it and I thought it was awesome!!
  • The comic was BEAUTIFUL, but you spelled several words wrong in this quiz
  • You are so creative and it was hysterical! Great job nicole!
  • It was hilarious and I loved it.
  • lol love you
  • It was very playful yet very informative at the same time. The artistic work was phenomenal.
  • I didnt get the second one..its alex by the way we should hang out on break 🙂
  • you should have nick and noah go on a family vacation.
  • dumb
  • Your subtle use of humor such as “thanks bro” in the first comic and Noah pretending to save Nick’s life in the second comic is inspirational genius, bravo.
  • It was hard to read, so I cannot form a true opinion.
  • They’re so funny and well done LOVE YOU NICOLE!



Last Comic

So in my last comic I targeted obesity. Yes, it probably is not that realistic that people are going to die from fatness, but hey it could happen. And since you said I needed to take a risk and attack something personal, I went with the fast food industry. Although it seems like a good concept, the comic as a whole was a fail. I personally think technique and drawing wise it is the best out of all four comic strips but when people read it they are left confused. Even my parents told me it was not funny and my dad did not identify ronald mcDonald at first. He thought it was a regular clown. My mom did not realize the business woman was the little girl’s mom. The other issue was the cell phone. They kept asking me why she was talking on the phone when I was really just trying to display anger. Oh, well. At least it looks nice.

Lastest Comic Script

Nick: Noah, is that you?
Noah: Shushhh I am hiding from the devil.

Nick: Where?
Noah: points
Ronald McDonald: Hands a little girl a balloon.

Nick: Go ahead, start ranting I’m listening.
Noah: Ever since his existence people have been eating themselves into diabetes and before you know it they will eat us out of natural resources and there will be nothing left to eat but EACHOTHER!

Nick: Blank stare
Noah: Grabs burger out of balloon girls hand

Balloon girl: Teary eyed MOMMYYY
Mother: Ohno you didn’t

Noah: runs
Ronald: Evil smile maybe hugging the girl handing her more food

The Coloring Process

So this weekend I started to color my comics. I started by outlining with marker. This was Mistake #1. I then tried out color pencil. Mistake #2. The color pencil didnt give me that solid filling I was looking for. So then I tried Watercolor. Mistake #3. Using the watercolor over the marker outline made the marker bleed into the body of the shapes. Needless to say it just complicated the process but at least I know for next time.

After coloring the major shapes in I asked my mom to buy me black sharpie markers. Mistake #4. I should have went myself because the marker point was too fat for the figures outlines and I had to go to staples and purchase fine point markers. By even still, it is not fine enough for the speech bubble wording so I am not exactly sure how I am going to write those yet. Maybe I’ll use a black pen?

Will upload the colored comics soon.

Writer Max Brooks Prepares RU for Zombie Onslaught

test4Beware of Zombie

Beware of Zombie

Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 10:00 pm

Writer Max Brooks Prepares RU for Zombie OnslaughtSpence Blazak, Staff                                 |                         0 comments                   

Rutgers has hosted lectures on everything from Daoist meditation to Snookie’s rhetorical skills, but on Oct. 20, a lecture was held that taught attendees how to survive a life-threatening and imminent danger: A zombie apocalypse. Max Brooks, author ofWorld War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, took the stage at the Livingston Student Center to debunk many common misconceptions about the zombie species.

The first point Brooks made was that the most important item for survival, “isn’t a massive sub-machine gun, but this little guy,” gesturing to a bottle of water. He explained a common concept that is seemingly forgotten the second a flesh-eating monster appears: Humans run on fluid, and without it, you’ll be dead before any zombie even gets close.

Next, he discussed the topic of weapons. Due to the influence of zombie videogames like Left 4 Dead, it is commonly believed that a large gun is the optimal tool for fighting the undead. Brooks said, “If you add up the populations of America, Mexico and the snow creatures [Canada], then that is how many bullets you are going to need, if you don’t miss. My advice? Go to Home Depot and get something there.” He then went on to say that his weapon of choice would be a machete.

Brooks’ next topic was transportation. He told the audience, “Don’t use cars. They have yet to invent one that runs on fear … Use a bike instead, because they do.” With the basics in mind, it was time to learn about how to form the perfect zombie survival group. He advised listeners to stick together, start planning now and consider the skills of the people who are selected to join. “Choose the people you take in wisely,” said Brooks, “because you aren’t going to need an igloo builder if you are in the Sahara.”

The lecture ended with a question-and-answer session where Brooks answered with his razor-sharp wit, entertaining all. When asked why he was drawn to zombies, Brooks said “Duh?” He then explained that it is the only monster that comes to hunt for you because it is literally everywhere. When asked, “Muammar Qaddafi was supposedly killed today, until CNN announced that he has turned into a zombie. How do you see this working out for Libya?” Brooks answered, “Considering the U.S. already has a policy of shooting our enemies in the face, I think Libya should watch out.”

Brooks ended his lecture by bringing up a few helpers that were clad in zombie makeup. He then gave the audience one last tip for dealing with the zombie horde – how to fight them. He took off his jacket, put up his fists, counted to three, then ran away, bidding the audience a good night on his way out the door



I found this article in the daily targum the other day.  Too bad I missed the event.  From the article I learned this is no way to protect oneself from zombies and Brooks suggested a machine gun as the best weapon.  This is why I dressed Noah with a gun and a knife.  Brooks would be proud.

Drawing the Comics

So yesterday I drew up the three comics I made. It was sooooooo challenging and I completely underestimated drawing comics. I started by drawing up all my characters. I made Noah the old man look like the average grandpa. He is cute he has big glasses and suspenders. For my character Nick, I asked my friends what were some qualities of a hot guy. Which was funny because my one friend responded charisma and the others instantly responded teeth. So i went with the basic v-neck and a decent haircut. I figured I should keep him average looking because he is the character I want my audience to identify with. For the frat bro I just made him look like a jock and my waitress was pretty original as well. Next I spaced out the paper and decided on the title: Nick and Noah.  The others were too corny and not working for me.  Plus Noah is a good name for my grandpa because Noah is a biblical name and I hope to add some meaning to it in a religious sense.  The two characters are not related and it is going to be hard to explain their relationship.

The next problem I encountered was having the characters interact.  I didn’t know how to face
their bodies because it was awkward having them face straight towards the reader but just as weird if they were sideways.
I also said that I wanted to have interesting backgrounds but after drawing the comic I decided that the backgrounds are not necessary at all and in fact take away from the comic.  So I think maybe I’ll just have one box in each that has a good background.  After I was done I had three of my friends read them and they laughed.  They said
they were a bit ridiculous and I had to agree.  The strips are a really odd sense of humor.  And I didn’t exactly put the characters in the apocalyptic situation but instead just brought the apocalyptic events up as
a joke.  I think it worked out nicely and I got people to laugh so that’s good.   The whole drawing process took around 4+